Refrigerated Cold Box

Refrigerated cold boxes (Refrigerated Cold Box) are used for transportation of sensitive items such as medicines, vaccines, etc. when transported inside a van, car, etc. These are small refrigerators that work on 12 V DC or 24 V DC, depending upon the model.

The cold box can be connected to the DC power supply inside the car and it will work as a refrigerator. Also it comes with an adaptor which converts 230VAC or 110VAC to 12 / 24 VDC. So if you want to connect the box while inside your office or warehouse, you can use this adaptor to connect to a 230 V / 110 Volt power source depending on your country.

Portable car refrigerator

These portable refrigerators can achieve temperature range from 0°C to 25°C depending on the model. Different models are available with adjustable temperature range. A small refrigerator is fitted inside the box and the temperature is displayed in a display screen outside the box. A powerful model can achieve a uniform temperature of 5°C within 20 to 30 minutes from start up

Portable car freezer

Portable Refrigerator Medicine Box

The portable freezers are capable of achieving temperature below 0°C upto -20°C. Special models are available to achieve temperature upto -40°C. A car freezer will take 30 to 45 minutes from startup to achieve a uniform temperature below 0°C. For sensitive material such as medicines, vaccines etc., it is preferred that the box be started in empty condition and load goods after attaining the desired temperature. This is called as precooling.

Why portable refrigerators are known as active boxes?

As external energy is supplied to a car refrigerator or car freezer, these boxes are known as active boxes. The boxes carry out cooling down as well as retaining the cold temperature inside. Boxes without a refrigeration unit are known as passive boxes.

Temperature mapping study, Qualification & validation of refrigerated boxes

We carry out temperature mapping study, temperature qualification and validation of active boxes. This testing process involves analyzing the inside temperature under various operating conditions. The test result will indicate whether the box is capable of achieving and maintaining the desired temperature. The report will mainly summarize the following:

  • How long it takes the box to cool down to the desired temperature
  • Once loaded will it maintain the desired temperature until it is opened or until the unit is switched OFF
  • How long will it retain the temperature once the unit is switched OFF
  • If the door is opened how long will it retain the temperature
  • After closing the door, how long will it take once again to achieve the desired temperature?
  • Models of Active boxes

    Few of the models being supplied by us are as below:

    Model no. Capacity (ltr) Temperature rangeSize mm (LxWxH) Weight (kg)
    40ACDC 40 liter +5°C to 22°C595x420x525 20
    60ACDC 60 liter +5°C to 22°C715X455X525 28
    80ACDC 80 liter +5°C to 22°C715X455X605 34