Portable Dehumidifier for Home and Office

////Portable Dehumidifier for Home and Office

Vacker India supplies a variety of Dehumidification Models or simply Dehumidifiers to regions or areas like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, etc. From large to small, the company covers a wide range of products depending upon the requirement of the customers. A small handy dehumidifier is available that is used for household dehumidification of air. Apart from its handy nature, these Portable Dehumidifiers for Home and Office are stylish in nature. These models operate on the principle of compression and condensation also well known as refrigeration.

Uses of Portable Dehumidifier at home

Best Portable Dehumidifier TTK68E Vacker India

Most of us face the issues of high humidity inside the four walls of the house we live in. This scenario is very common in India, India and it is often too late by the time we come across the negative impacts of high humidity in our houses. Some of the basic problems observed are:

  • Formation of mould on the walls.
  • Formation of white fungus on most of the leather items.
  • Formation of white powder like substance on clothes.
  • Formation of condensed water that wets the glass windows, doors.
  • Formation of mould on valuable items.
  • Humidity higher than 65% RH has a negative impact on the health of humans and may cause respiratory diseases such as Asthma.
  • Portable Dehumidifier Air Filter Vacker India

These are some of the major impacts of high humidity in our houses. Humidity is the amount of gaseous state of water present in the air hence high humidity means the presence of high amount of moisture in the air. High humidity is never a good sign and must be reduced. If we intend to reduce the intensity of humidity in our houses then that can be done by air dehumidification at home. For home dehumidification of air, Vacker India has various models of handy Dehumidifiers in areas such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, etc.

Best of all Portable Dehumidifiers

Of all the portable models of Dehumidifiers that Vacker India has to offer, model type TTK 40E is considered to the best of all for home dehumidification. As mentioned earlier, air dehumidification is executed using the standards of condensation in which the moisture present in the air is condensed and then converted to water to be drained out. Home Air Dehumidification System Vacker India The condensed moisture is contained in a certain designated container and on timely basis the container is emptied. For simplicity, a drainage pipe is added adjacently to the container so that the water collected in the container is drained out automatically once it becomes full. Some of the major features of this model are as under:

  • It has the capacity to remove 20 liters of water every day.
  • It can work at room temperature of 5°C - 35°C.
  • It can work at a humidity range of 30% RH – 80% RH.
  • It is a perfect suit for a room with a dimension of 45 m² and 110 m³.
  • It generates an airflow rate of 130 m³ per hour.
  • Inbuilt automatic electrical defrost.
  • It requires 230V electric supply at 50Hz.
  • Small Portable Dehumidification Control Panel Vacker India
  • It consumes 0.345 KW of electricity.
  • The water container connected to it can hold up to 4 liters of water and it switches off automatically once the tank is completely filled. But there is an availability of warning indicator on the screen of the device.
  • It is very silent in nature and produces a sound lever of mere 43 dB which is lesser than that of a table fan.
  • Its dimensions are 246 mm Length X 367 mm Width X 582 mm Height.

If you seek economic solution then Vacker India is the company you are looking for and this model of dehumidifier is the model you are looking for because it is the best at its range of similar products.

Whole House Dehumidifier Vacker India

Dehumidifiers for the entire house

Household dehumidifiers are the best way for getting rid of humidity issues at your homes. And in hot and humid places like India, such solutions are effective and rather the best way to get free from humidity impacts. Vacker India understands this and supplies dehumidifiers to areas such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, etc. If you need to dehumidify the entire house, a whole house dehumidifier is installed. The efficiency of any dehumidifier depends on various factors such as opening and proper closing of outlets in the house. Utmost efficiency cannot be obtained if the doors and windows are not properly closed once opened or if they are used too frequently. If you seek to dehumidify a small portion of the house say: the baby’s room then it is recommended that a small air dehumidifier is used instead.