Electric Oven

An oven is an appliance with a chamber that is thermally insulated. Ovens are used most commonly for cooking. However, modern science has discovered various important uses of an electric oven. Today we use ovens for heating or drying of substances. Vacker India supplies specially designed ovens that are used in pottery and metal works. These special types of ovens are kilns and furnaces. Kilns are used in the pottery industry while furnaces are used in metal-work industries.


Preliminary ovens were used in Central Europe at around 29,000 BC. Even in Ukraine, they have been using ovens since 20,000 BC. They used ditches filled with hot coals and covered them with ashes. These old techniques are being used by modern chefs in today’s world. Apart from cooking food, ovens were also used for making bricks and other potteries.

We can give all the credit to the Greeks for incepting the concept of baking with the use of Ovens. The Greeks had invented the front-loaded bread ovens in ancient time. During the same era, they created a variety of bread, dough, loaves, etc. Since then baking of bread has developed as business and profession.

Over the course of time, the design and the technique have evolved from usage of wood or coal to gas and electricity as a source of energy. However, we still have old practices in the field of culinary art, when it comes to usage of ovens. Be it traditional or be it modern, Vacker India supplies a variety of ovens to its customer base in most of the major cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, etc.

Types of ovens

Vacker India offers a variety of ovens to the major parts of the country. We have been serving our valuable customers to optimum satisfaction in most of the major cities of India which include Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, etc. Different types of ovens that we have in offer are as under:

  1. Double oven
  2. Earth oven
  3. Ceramic oven
  4. Gas oven
  5. Masonry oven
  6. Microwave oven
  7. Toaster oven
  8. Wall oven


The conventional oven is regarded as a kitchen appliance and hence used in cooking purpose. The oven is generally used in roasting and heating. Foods that are cooked by the method of roasting and heating are casseroles, meat and also for baking goods like cake, bread and other cuisines.

Food can be cooked using various methods in oven such as heating from the bottom which is generally used in roasting or heating from the top which helps in grilling or heating from both top and bottom for faster and cooking from all sides. The oven also serves as a brochette or skewer. Ovens differ in terms of their controlling process. The simple oven does not need any control and simply runs in various temperatures. The other oven that is usually called as the conventional oven has a thermostat which helps in regulating the temperatures as per the users’ need. We can also set high temperature which is used to start the broiler element.


There are various ways to clean the oven after use. Some ovens that have continuous cleaning features consist of a surface which is coated with catalytic that helps in oxidizing food and spills. Self-cleaning ovens are also available in the present market. These types of oven require extreme heat to tarnish spill over and dirt. The normal kind of oven that is mainly known as steam oven allows easy removal of dirt. Wet-soak technique is used in cleaning such ovens. According to this wet-soak technique, water is poured over the dirt and left to loosen it which helps in easy removal of dirt.

Other uses of Ovens

When we use the term 'Oven', culinary is the first field of its use that comes in our mind. But ovens have an equally larger share of scopes beyond the culinary world. They are extensively used industrial sector, scientific applications and artisanal uses like:

  1. Furnaces: They are used for providing heat to a building and are also used for melting some of the solids like glass or metals.
  2. Kilns: These are high-temperature ovens that are used for drying woods, ceramics and cement.
  3. Autoclaves: These are devices very similar to an oven or a pressure cooker. These are generally used for heating aqueous solutions at very high temperatures.
  4. Industrial ovens: These are heavy duty large ovens that are used for a variety of applications that may not need very high temperatures like that of a furnace or a kiln.