Chlorine Gas Detectors (Cl2 Detectors)

////Chlorine Gas Detectors (Cl2 Detectors)

The atmosphere that surrounds us is made up of a huge number of gasses. One of them is chlorine gas which is greenish yellow in color and has a bitter odor. This gas is not explosive but when it combines with other substances like acetylene, ether, turpentine and many more, it makes an explosive compound. This gas in itself is inflammable and can be used as oxidizing agent but it is highly toxic in nature. The chlorine irritates the respiratory tract. This gas if taken in high dose can be the reason for death. It is generally used in disinfecting materials due to its disinfectant properties. Chlorine content in the air is considered harmful to the health of humans and with the rise in content of chlorine gas in air the intensity of harm increases proportionately.

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Harmful effects of various Chlorine Levels

Some of the harmful impacts of chlorine gas content in the air with its parts per million is as under:

Chlorine LevelHarmful impact on Humans
0.5 PPMIt is a permissible Exposure Level as per OSHA & ACGIH.
3 PPMEyes irritation and irritation of mucous membranes, respiratory tract.
3.5 PPMProduces a pungent smell.
15 PPMTriggers high irritation of the throat.
30 PPMOne can only be exposed for 30 minutes period and not more.
100-500 PPMHigh concentrations are considered dangerous, intense irritation, chest pain and can cause death on prolonged exposure.

We, Vacker India, have a big list of various chlorine gas detectors that we have in offer for our valuable customers all over the nation. We are connected to our satisfied customers through most of the major cities of India namely Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, etc. Our valuable customers are the municipal pools, pulp and paper industries, waste water treatment plants, railroad yards and many more.

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Now we know that chlorine content above some permissible limit is considered dangerous for human health that is why we need to constantly check the ammonia content in the air and take preventive measures thereafter. Taking this into consideration, Vacker India has a variety of specially designed chlorine gas detectors for ensuring a chlorine-free safe environment. The chlorine gas detector is the instrument that is installed in places where gas leakage and buildup can occur. These gas detectors have gas detection systems that consist of individual modules, which can be placed wherever required. The basic measurement for the system is given by the sensors located in the device, which are placed in sensitive areas with the possibilities of gas leakage. The sensor is an automatic sensor testing system that comes with explosion proof versions.

The receiver modules are the brains of this device that detect the chlorine content in the ambient air and trigger the alarm system if the level rises above the set critical level. These modules are incorporated with digital display monitors for displaying gas concentration. These receivers can be placed at a distance of up to 1,000 feet from the sensors. This can still provide control functions and alarm utility.

Salient features of Chlorine Gas Detectors

  1. It has an LED back-lit display screen that indicates the gas concentration.
  2. It has a standard isolated output for measuring and recording purpose.
  3. We supply devices with two default alarm points with standard values but those values can be manually altered as per the requirement and sensitivity of the places. These alarms can be delayed by 2 seconds or as long as 10 seconds.
  4. There are terminals for connecting remote reset switch so that the alarms can be received from a remote location.
  5. External electrical connections are available for plugging terminal blocks. If servicing is required, the modules can be changed in no time.
  6. These devices are highly stable and very sensitive.
  7. These devices have the feature of auto test saving and safety.

Vacker India develops and manufactures chlorine gas detection systems with electromechanical sensors. These sensors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Because of all these salient features Vacker India has been the number one choice for your indoor and outdoor solutions. We supply gas detectors even for extreme industrial conditions.

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