Oxygen Gas Detectors

Oxygen gas in one of the most important of all gases found in the atmosphere and is also a highly reactive non-metal. It is colorless and odorless gas commonly known by its symbol O2. Human life depends on oxygen to sustain life. Vacker India supplies Oxygen Gas Detectors in various regions of India such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, etc.

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Effect of varying concentration of Oxygen in the atmosphere

There are various effects depending upon the concentration of oxygen abundant in the ambient air. It can be tabularized as under:
Oxygen ContentResulting Impact on Humans
23.5%It is the maximum Safe Level as per OSHA.
21%Normal Oxygen concentration of air (precisely 20.954)
19.5%It is the minimum safe level as per OSHA, NIOSH.
17%The ability to judge gets impaired as an early sign of oxygen deficiency.
16%Preliminary signs of anoxia start to appear.
16-12%There is a slight malfunction in muscular co-ordination, rise in pulse rate with shallow breathing.
14-10%Breathing becomes difficult and the entire body feels low in energy with signs of abnormal fatigue and emotional upsets.
10-6%The ability to move freely is lost, possible signs of loss of consciousness followed by nausea and vomiting.
<6%Signs of gasping respiration and convulsive movements, extremely hard respiration and may result to DEATH.

Every living being knows the importance of oxygen. Hence its normal concentration in the air is of must to sustain life in normal condition. Hence in modern days, the content of oxygen in ambient air is detected, checked and balanced with the application of a number of tools. Vacker India too has a list of oxygen gas detectors that are supplied to all the major cities of India including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, etc. These oxygen gas detectors come with oxygen sensors that help in measuring the proportion of oxygen gas for further analysis and measures.


First Oxygen gas sensor was developed during the 1960s by Robert Bosch GmbH under the supervision of Dr. G√ľnter Bauman. It was made up of zirconia ceramic coated thimble shaped element and the reference sides were coated with a thin layer of platinum. However the first planar style oxygen sensors came into the market only during 1990s which replaced the heavy ceramic made sensors. These sensors were lighter and could be started faster.

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Application of Oxygen Gas Sensors and Detectors

Vacker India has a stock of wide range of oxygen gas detectors that are used in various applications. Snapshot of the some of the common fields of application can be briefed as under:

  1. It is used in the field of automobiles for measuring the exhaust gas oxygen concentration used for the internal combustion engines.
  2. The underwater divers use oxygen gas sensors and detectors that are used for measuring partial pressure of oxygen in the breathing gas.
  3. It is used in the field of science for measuring production of oxygen gas.
  4. It is used in the field of medicine as anesthesia monitor, respirator and oxygen concentrator.
  5. It is also used in household level to monitor the level of oxygen gas in closed rooms. This application has found its way from offices and other workplaces where there are a number of workers vulnerable to low concentration of oxygen in the ambient air.

There are a number of ways oxygen gas detectors can be used for measuring oxygen gas and various technologies are used for this like electrochemical, zirconia, infrared, ultrasonic methods. In modern days, laser methods have also been evolved. However every method has its own benefits and shortcomings.

We know that the content of oxygen is of very high importance anywhere and everywhere. Hence considering the criticality of oxygen content, Vacker India has a number of different oxygen gas detectors in offer for its wide clientele all over the nation.

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