Refrigerant Gas Detectors

Refrigerants are substances, generally fluid, that are used in the refrigeration system. This refers to chemicals used as a cooling substance in various appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. They follow the cycle of conversion from liquid to gas and gas to liquid again. There are instances of working fluid that have been used for the purpose of refrigeration. The gasses that are used in the process of refrigeration are very hazardous to human beings. It causes severe damage to the skin, eyes, and the respiration system too. So detection of these gases is very significant.

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Vacker India is the top manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of refrigeration gas detection devices to its valuable customers all over the country. Our wide range of supplies is connected through most of the major cities of the kingdom like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, etc. From small hand held refrigeration gas detection devices to sophisticated devices for industrial purposes, we have a solution for all.

The detector or sensors alert the user of the leakage of the harmful gases that are used in refrigeration purpose. Refrigeration gases have been both boon and bane in the field of science. It all depends on how you use them. Boon in a sense, the discovery of refrigeration gases has taken the field of science to a higher level. There are a number of benefits of these gases if used in a proper manner. These days such gases are used in both commercial and industrial level. Likewise, it can be a bane if these gases are handled carelessly. As a result of which, it can cause severe damage to the health of the users or even take lives.

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The storage limits of refrigerant gases must not cross the critical threshold limit as set by the various safety standards of the country. These are a part of safety management process, hence must not be ignored. Especially in the industrial areas where there are a number of workers working around. These gases are used in various purposes in many of the industries but at the same time special attention must be paid managing the possible risk that may arise from such gases. For this purposes, Vacker India has brought a variety of refrigeration gas detectors. Gas sensors are installed in critical areas so as to warn about its content in the ambient air. If the content of refrigeration gases tends to cross the set critical level then the users are warned about the same with an audible alarms post which preventive measures can be taken. The location and usage of degree of sensors is determined by the potential hazard location and the dangers that may follow.

These gas monitors are placed in and around loading and storing areas of piping of storages because these are the places where there are high probabilities of leakages. Since the refrigerants are lighter than air, these sensors are positioned in the breathing zone (4-6 feet above ground level) or just above the potential leaking sources.

Snapshot of salient features of Refrigeration Gas Detectors

  1. Refrigeration gas detectors come with sensors with a sensing range of 0-500 ppm (parts per million). It can detect very low levels of leakage as well which other similar models from different suppliers fail to do.
  2. The gas sensors can be placed in a remote location away from the transmitter. There is a provision of special calibration adapter for remote sensor which allows the user to calibrate from the location of the transmitter.
  3. There are temperature limitations for electro-chemical sensors. We have some highly advanced organic ammonia sensors that can function exceptionally well in a temperature range of -20°C to 50°C but may not work well at high humidity and high temperature. There are heat shields that protect the sensors from radiant heat.
  4. There are notification mandates for each gas sensors. These notifications are to warn the users and prepare them in taking necessary preventive actions for ensuring a safe working or living areas. The alarms are audible in nature.

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