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VFD Optitools Studio

Variable Frequency Drive - VFD Optitools Studio

PC Commissioning & Diagnostics Software (VFD Optitools Studio)


Application Solved

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Easy Parameter transfer & compare
  • Optional PLC function programming
  • Full security protection for the PLC Programming code prevents copying
  • Fully customize access to drive parameters from the drive keypad
  • Transfer parameters to and from the OptiStick for rapid commissioning

Powerful PC-based commissioning and programming software; Multi Drive Network Support. Optitools Studio on Laptop Download Optitools Studio Windows PCs only. For correct operation, OptiTools Studio requires the following components to be installed: Windows Installer 3.1 .NET Framework 4.5.

Optitools Studio, Application Management Software, Application Software, System Software, and Bentley Systems, Changed the way OTM compares parameter values to default. Now compares display values rather than internal values, matches OptiTools Studio.