Cold Room Monitoring

Cold storage monitoring (Cold Room Monitoring) and walk-in freezer monitoring are required for various temperature-sensitive items such as medicines, vaccines, fruits, vegetables, fresh food, frozen food, etc. which are stored under temperature-controlled rooms.

The storage time can be from couple of days to couple of years depending on the usage. Hence these items should never exceed permitted temperature and the conditions need to be continuously monitored and recorded. As per regulatory requirements, it might be required to check the recorded data periodically to ensure that the items have been maintained under stipulated conditions. Also nowadays insurance companies insist to have continuous recording so that they can verify upon any claims for damaged goods.

Cold storage monitoring for temperature & humidity

Cold Storage Monitoring System VackerGlobal

Cold storages are also known as cold rooms in general and are maintained above 0°C. Generally cold storage monitoring is required for the following parameters:

  • Temperature inside the cold room to be monitored and recorded. For medicine cold rooms, the temperature will be between 2°C and 8°C
  • Humidity inside the cold room will be generally high because of condensation. For medicine cold rooms, the humidity has to be generally below 65%. Also for many fruits and vegetables, there are stipulated humidity levels to be maintained. For reducing the humidity, you may have to use dehumidifiers and for increasing humidity you have to use humidifiers
  • Power failure monitoring is preferred so that operators receive alerts in case of power failure

Walk in Freezer temperature monitoring for humidity

For walk in freezers, the maintained temperature will be below 0°C and can be generally up to –40°C for food items. Walk in freezer monitoring consists of the following systems:

  • Temperature inside the freezer need to be recorded and monitored.
  • Humidity is not essential for most of the frozen foods packed in moisture proof packing. However for certain medicines, humidity need to be controlled.
  • Power failure monitoring is preferred for walk-in freezer also since a loss of power need to be alerted immediately.

How to select a suitable cold room monitoring system?

For selection of a suitable monitoring system, you have to consider the following factors:

  • It should have a phone call, SMS and email alerts system which should generate alerts if the monitored parameters exceed permitted values.
  • You should be able to download recorded data for any period from the cold room monitoring system.
  • For Walk In freezer monitoring system, the sensors should be able to sustain the temperature levels, especially if humidity sensors is required. This is applicable for cold room monitoring system also, but not so severe.
  • There should be a display of the current readings in a screen in front of the cold room or freezer room.
  • It should be preferably a cloud based monitoring system so that the data can be viewed and reports generated remotely.
Sample Report Walk-in-freezer Monitoring

Our complete solution for monitoring of cold rooms and freezers

We are providing a wide range of cold room monitoring and walk in freezer monitoring solutions with different types of sensors suitable for different temperature levels. Feature of our system are:

  • SMS, Email and voice call alert will be generated to 4 operators in case temperature or humidity goes above or below permitted ranges. Also similar alerts will be generated in case of power failure. Time delay can be set for all these alerts so that false alarms will not be generated for short durations.
  • Wired and WiFi models are available which can be used based on your connection facilities.
  • Cloud based and LAN based cold storage monitoring allows the user to login to the system remotely. Multiple locations can be combined in a single system.
  • An auto dialer with SIM card & battery backup also can be used which will work even in case of server failure, thus providing fool proof alert system.