Light Data Logger

This light data loggers are perfect for study of lighting and on solar energy measurements for solar generation. These loggers are very sensitive and are capable of monitor lighting system and light harvesting operation. This device is all-in-one instrument that has the capacity to act as a sensor, software and a data logger unit.

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In case of light data loggers, Vacker India supplies a wide range of these devices all over the Kingdom of India. We supply light data loggers to the major cities including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, etc. This data logger consists of a multifunction and has the capacity to operate up to 6 months on a single AA battery. Hence it is very evident that this device is very energy efficient. It has the capacity to measure humidity and temperature too. It has internal exposure accumulation. It provides the user a correct and verified reading of the data. In comparison to similar models, manufactured by other manufacturers around the country, our products have one of the best price-performance ratios.

We also supply luminance UV recorder that has the capacity of measuring and recording luminance, UV light along with temperature and humidity. These recorded data are displayed on its back-lit LCD display screen. These devices have the capability of displaying cumulative luminance and UV light on the display screen. The data stored in the light data logger has a large display that allows easy-to-read feature. It calculates and displays the amount of UV light. The cumulative UV amount cannot be recorded. This cumulative amount can only be displayed.

This data logger can be directly connected to a computer with a USB cable. Data and records can be easily transferred from the device to your PC. Afterwards, the data can be used for processing and analyzing. If the device has more than one USB port, it is capable of connecting it to many data logger. The data is a collection of temperature, humidity, UV intensity and luminance too. But you should take one thing into consideration that if your PC has Windows XP as an operating system then this feature is not supported.

The light data logger helps in measuring the illuminance that means it can easily measure the light in dim moonlight and the bright summer sun. Less or dim light can be also measured by recording and display level. It operates with a button so to prevent some button errors, different software can be used.

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To make necessary changes in the recording level, interval button can be used or stop button can be used to start and stop the recording of data. The estimated battery life depends upon the type of battery used. The environment, communication frequency and the ambience temperature also determine the life of a battery. The power is provided by the battery and logging capacity can be determined by the wireless communication.

There are various functions that are being updated and have made the logger more effective and efficient. Luminance record, temperature and humidity calculation, accumulation of internal exposure, and multifunction display can be done by updating everything.

There are various light data loggers that ensure reliable reading, measures room occupancy, and much more. Vacker India is a leading brand that supplies various light data loggers for the valuable customers.

Snapshot of some of the salient features of the light data loggers by Vacker India is as under:

  1. It can record luminance, Ultra Violet light, Temperature and Relative Humidity.
  2. It has a luminosity range from 0 to 130K Lx.
  3. It has a UV measuring range from 0 to 30 Mw/cm2.
  4. The readings are cosine corrected.
  5. It has a temperature and relative humidity measuring range of -0°C to 55°C and 10% to 95% RH respectively.
  6. It comes with external sensors.
  7. It has an easy USB interface to your PC (however your PC should not have Windows XP as an operating system).
  8. It has a memory capacity of storing 8,000 data sets.
  9. It has a multi-function LCD display screen.
  10. It can operate well for around 6 months on the power of a single AA battery.
  11. It can make cumulative luminance and cumulative UV light readings.

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