Hospital Humidifier

Skin complaints, headaches, nose irritation, eyes irritation and many other grievances are the results of the dry atmosphere. Dry air present in the room will use all the moisture from all the possible sources and this may include moisture from mucous membrane present in nose and throat. We all know that these mucous are helpful for us in protecting us from infection. At the same time, apart from just that, dry air will also draw moisture from the tissues. That is why humidification is considered vital for human health. Hospitals and other medical workplaces are very critical places. People go there or are taken there so that the medical conditions of the patients get better. But let us imagine if the humidity of such significant places is beyond normal range. Well, in that case, Vacker India will tell you what to do it and how to do it. We supply hospital humidifiers and serving our large customer base in major cities of India namely Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Jubail, Medina, Najran, Mecca and Khamis Mushayt.

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We help you control and manage humidity in order to reduce the danger of infection along with the comfort of everyone in and around the healthcare center, which includes: the visitors, the workers, the visitors and most importantly, the patients.

Operation theaters or any other surgical room is an equally critical place. Electrostatic sparks should be avoided that may arise due to low humidity, especially below 40% RH. This can also damage the electrical equipment available in the room. The static nudges caused because of low humidity can have dangerous impacts on surgery. We make you understand of significance of controlling electrostatic sparks for there may be presence of anesthetic gases and these gases are flammable.

Maternity wards and obstetric wards are critical wards as there are babies and babies are very responsive to dry atmosphere. Hence the humidity level of such departments must be critically monitored and maintained.

Advantages of Hospital Humidifier and other healthcare environments

  1. There is a significant reduction in the transmission of airborne viruses if we maintain the relative humidity above 40% RH.
  2. The most favourable condition for humans to have a sound health and to feel comfortable the relative humidity must be maintained at 40- 60% RH.

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Why Hospital Humidifier by Vacker India?

Hospital humidifier by Vacker India are preferred over other competitors because:

  1. We have an international standard wide-ranging proficiency.
  2. We offer a wide range of products depending upon our customers’ necessity.
  3. Our products use low energy systems in order to reduce the overall operating costs and thus improve the entire humidity control.
  4. Our products have relatively low maintenance solutions.

With Vacker India, health always comes first

We will not let the air in the hospitals go dry and deteriorate the health condition of everyone involved there. Low air relative humidity will make you feel uncomfortable hence your health and your comfort come first with us. During the winters, we generally heat up our living spaces by using various means to keep us warm. Because of which we end up drying up the atmosphere around us. That is why we supply air conditioning humidifiers for hospitals in order to control both humidity and air temperature.

People go to hospitals to get better not to deteriorate their health conditions. Imagine people going to hospitals and health care centers and feeling uncomfortable. Well, we will not let that happen. With all the variety of hospital humidifier in offer, we take the responsibility of making hospitals and health care center more comfortable pertaining to air humidity.

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