Cryogenic Racks

Vacker India supplies inventory management systems of the highest quality in today’s market. We are one of the leading suppliers of cryogenic racks and boxes all over the kingdom and we have been connected to most of the major cities of India like Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Jubail, Medina, Najran, Mecca and Khamis Mushayt.

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Cryogenic liquids are used in a variety of cryogenic applications and have high importance in chemical science. Hence they must be preserved and kept at very low temperature. Generally used liquid cryogens are liquid hydrogen and liquid helium. These two liquids are commonly used in cryogenic applications and are readily available. For the safety of these cryogens, we offer a variety of Cryogenic racks and boxes to our valuable customers of chemical science.

These cryogenic freezer racks along with boxes of similar use that Vacker India has on offer are perfect for secured and well organization of your valuable samples. The racks and boxes that we have on offer are made up of robust stainless steel or aluminum. These models of racks are fit for all sorts of cryogen storage tanks. These cryogenic racks are completed, Vacker India have a variety of Cryogen storage boxes, connecting sticks and cell dividers in a variety of materials yet fit for storing cryo samples.

The boxes are held separately by the racks that allow you to retrieve quickly and immediately return the box back to the freezer. This way you are not really making much of a difference to the temperature of the samples and they do not contaminate your samples as well. These racks are generally vertical in nature and are best fit for usage in chest freezers. However, we also supply horizontal freezers that are used for upright freezers. The dimensions of the boxes vary from rack to rack. We supply a variety of boxes with different ranges in accordance with the racks. There are small, portable mini boxes for storing samples inside the cryogenic freezer. It is not just that the size that has a variety in its range, we also supply racks of various shapes as well. If you have any particular shape of cryogenic racks to order then we can custom design it for you so that you can use it to fit your requirement. Commonly, cryogenic racks assemble in its vertical standing structure. These racks can use boxes that can be made up of various materials such as fiberboard, polystyrene, plastic coated boxes, polypropylene, polycarbonate, etc.

Vacker India has an extensive range of cryogenic storage racks fit for any chest freezer available in the global market. You can choose from the list of varieties in cryogenic racks offered by us. They all come with locking rods or with spring locks.

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Features of Cryogenic Racks

Some of the basic features of cryogenic racks and boxes that we have in offer are as under:

  1. Boxes made up of polypropylene are free of Rnase, Dnase, Pyrogen and DNA.
  2. They are designed for storing biological materials, tissues of living beings, cryogens, etc at extremely low temperature (as low as -190°C).
  3. The boxes are easy to slide for simple and easy usage of the cryogenic racks.
  4. The cryogenic racks and boxes are well tightened so that there are minimal chances of contamination of the samples stored in the racks.
  5. The cryogenic boxes are provided with writing areas for easy identification of the sample.
  6. Our cryogenic racks are both horizontal and vertical with a variety of shapes and sizes.
  7. The boxes and tubes are made up of polypropylene with the same coefficient of expansion. This makes the storing system free from leaks at altering temperatures.
  8. Both self-standing and round bottom cryogenic vial formats can be easily accommodated.
  9. In multi-storey racks, one rack stacks on top of another and the storage space is consolidated.
  10. For the purpose of easy viewing and locating of samples, the racks are provided with transparent glasses.
  11. There are drain holes under the boxes that minimize condensation.

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