Cryogenic Spares

Cryogenic spares are instruments that are used for optical cryostats, ultra low-temperature equipment and superconducting magnets. These spares have a wide range of instruments that are used in various fields like industries and commercial purposes. These spares have electronics that can be used in cryogenic systems and accessories for cryostat system, liquid helium transfer tubes that can be used for liquid nitrogen too. Vacker India supplies a wide range of cryogenic accessories that consists of a wide range of instruments that meet the requirement of our valuable customers all over the kingdom. However, we supply these spares to most of the major cities of India like Dammam, Riyadh, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Jubail, Medina, Najran, Mecca and Khamis Mushayt.

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Cryogenic Spare Products

We have a wide range of products and these products include:

  1. Electronic system for entire cryogenic system.
  2. Magnet power supplies that are basically superconducting.
  3. Cryogenic temperature controller.
  4. Level meters for liquid Helium and liquid Nitrogen.
  5. Transfer tubes and siphons for liquid Helium.
  6. Dewars used for transporting and storing of liquid Helium and liquid Nitrogen.
  7. Cryogenic spares and other accessories for cryostat systems.
  8. Optical and spectroscopy cryostat windows, temperature sensor, along with other sample rods and holders.

We supply cryogenic spares and accessories suitable for your optical cryostats, ultra low temperature equipments and other superconducting magnets. Apart from the spares and accessories, we also offer prompt and smooth services to our valuable customers, experienced expertise and eventually touching hearts of many all over the kingdom.

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Range of Cryogenic Spares and Accessories supplied by Vacker India

We supply an extensive range of cryogenic spares and accessories. They are:

  1. Consumable spares and accessories

    Consumable spares and accessories include: Optical windows, rubber bladders, sample holders and rods, compressor adsorbers, electrical connectors and many more. Apart from those mentioned here, Vacker India also supplies suitable wirings for various cryogenic applications that further include cryogenic ribbon looms and coaxial miniature cabling.

  2. Cryogen handling accessories

    Cryogenic handling accessories include transfer tubes and siphons for liquid helium, cryogenic aprons and gloves, a variety of safety equipments like Oxygen depletion monitors which are used for minimizing the risk of working with cryogens in different constrained areas.

  3. Cryogen Storage

    Cryogen storages include storage dewars for liquid nitrogen and liquid helium, fittings, adaptors and transfer hoses.

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